Vermont Parolee needs housing…

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The family of Oscar Mark Delgado, Sr. (on left in photo) from Johnson, Vermont
are looking for someone to provide a home for their adult son, Oscar Delgado, Jr.
In the State of Vermont.

In Vermont people are held in prison after their sentences are
completed if they can not find a qualified home that the probation officer approves.

This results in a high rate of prison over-population in Vermont and it results
in sending people to out-of-state prisons because too many people who have
already completed their sentences are forced to stay in Vermont prisons
because their probation officer will not "qualify" the new residence of the
person to be released.

Oscar Delgado, Jr. can not go to his father’s home because his father is disabled
and has a Vermont medical marijuana card.

This is the information his father provided:

HIS probation officer comes from Barre,
and can you please go SEE Oscar Jr’s or visit him,
he’s in the Windsor jail.
I am worried that when Oscar’s Jr’s release date MAY 10th, 2015 comes,
how can get out of jail, he needs a place to stay that the probation officer
will approve of.

I know he told me that the state of Vermont is willing to PAY
someone for letting him stay with you.

You can SEND him a note to Southeast State Correctional facility,
Oscar Delgado, Jr, 546 State Farm Road, Windsor, Vermont 05089.
I know he would write to you right back and HE should know who HIS
probation officer is.

Oscar Delgado, Jr. is interested in art and religion, and he draws

— with Oscar Mark Delgado.

Cris Ericson's photo.


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